Interlingua Interferences in English and Russian in Physics Field

Interlingua Interferences in English and Russian in Physics Field


Khanif Fakhretdinovich Makayev
Marat Aidarovich Yahin
Guzal Zainagiyevna Makayeva

Proper knowledge of a language requires being aware of such interlingua interference as “false friends of a translator”. The research conducted with higher school students revealed the fact of misunderstanding and their being confused when dealing with the stratum of terminology under consideration. Therefore, the aim of the paper is to consider ‘false friends of a translator’ in physics field taking account of their similarities or differences in the pronunciation, meaning and spelling in English and Russian. For realizing this aim the authors empirically surveyed two groups of higher school final-year students to contribute to their language development through good knowledge of terms. The research was conducted on the base of comparison, observation and empirical methods and the teaching-practicing-controlling approach. The results obtained show that proper educating the future specialists to the use of the lexical units under consideration correctly can improve their language knowledge for their professional growth. The results can be used in language teaching practice, in making dictionaries for special purposes, as well as for making some possible contribution to terminology science.


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