Social Female Adaptation / Resocialization in the Russian Reality

Social Female Adaptation / Resocialization in the Russian Reality


Riyaz Gataullovich Minzaripov
Artur Rinatovich Abutalipov
Natalia Alexandrovna Zakharova
Sergei Dmitrievich Karakozov

Adaptation to the conditions of freedom and the resocialization of persons who served their terms is determined by a gender factor, especially in societies with a bright masculine characteristic, to which the Russian society belongs too. In such societies, the process of female post-penitentiary adaptation is more complicated, because it, as before, is dominated by a more negative attitude to female crime than to male one. This is a reflection of the specifics of a society of a masculine type, where the system of double standards influences public consciousness and determines the attitude towards persons who broke the law depending on their gender. Thus, the post-penitentiary female resocialization in Russia occurs under the influence of a combination of factors and difficulties that are typical for this period of women’s lifetime, typical of ex-prisoners in Russia and connected with a specific attitude of the society to female crime as well. This situation, in many respects, determines an unsuccessful scenario of the process of post-penitentiary female resocialization and, as a result, increases risks of recurrent crime in the female environment in the modern Russian society


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